How it works

Easy Plan Plus gives the ultimate freedom with a tailored price each month that includes all your usage. Electricity use can fluctuate with life's ups and downs, but you'll pay the same price each month.

Easy Plan is available to customers with a smart meter. Choose from a range of plan sizes with included monthly usage. Purchase top-ups if you use more than your monthly usage allowance and roll over what you don't use to the next month, or whenever you need it. We'll send you usage alerts so you know how you're tracking. Find my price

Be in control with Easy Plan
Roll over your unused energy
If you don’t use all your included usage, then you can carry it over to the next month2.
Top up if you go over
If you use more than your included energy amount, then we’ll top you up automatically.
Set & forget with Easy Plan Plus
Personalise your price
Enter your usage details to find the plan for you.
Wave goodbye to high seasonal bills
Have all your usage included each month for your personalised price. Fair use policy applies.

What’s great about Easy Plans?

Switch plans at no extra cost
Easy Plan comes in five different sizes. If your usage needs change, you can switch your plan size once a month at no extra cost.
No lock in contract or confusing discounts
Easy Plan and Easy Plan Plus have no lock in contract so you’re free to come and go as you please3. There are no confusing discounts, just one monthly plan amount.
Track your electricity usage
If you have a smart meter, you can track your electricity usage anytime and anywhere through your MyEnergy portal. We’ll also send you messages to let you know when you’re getting close to your included electricity usage amount.
Set and forget
Pay by direct debit and get your bills and correspondence by email. We'll also regularly check your usage to make sure you're not paying too much or too little.

Am I eligible for the Easy Plan trial?

If you have solar installed in your home, we’ll have plans for you soon. Click here to register your interest and we’ll email you when plans are available.

NSW Only
Please note this is currently a trial for eligible residential customers in NSW.
Plan Conditions
You need to pay by direct debit and receive your bills and correspondence by email with this plan.
Need Life Support?
Sorry, this plan isn't available to you at the moment (but we do have other plans available to you at EnergyAustralia).
Concession Card and Government rebates
This plan can’t support concessions or other government rebates * (but you can get this assistance on an EnergyAustralia plan).
On by EnergyAustralia is EnergyAustralia's Test & Learn platform, used to trial different types of products. This platform can't support all customers and some eligibility criteria are necessary for the protection of certain customers, such as customers that fall into payment difficulties or financial hardship, customers who are concession card holders or claiming government energy rebates, and customers that depend on life support equipment. To ensure the necessary support and assistance will be provided, it will be necessary for customers who become ineligible to transfer to an appropriate EnergyAustralia plan.
* The NSW Government offers rebates to help customers with the cost of electricity. For more information and to check if you’re eligible, visit

Find the right plan and monthly price for your household’s electricity needs.

To help us find the right plan and monthly price for you, grab your latest bill as you’ll need the average daily usage for your address.

Fair Use: Easy Plan and Easy Plan Plus are subject to an Acceptable Usage Policy and are offered to you based on the household energy profile you supply us. This service is for personal use only and must not be used for any commercial purpose, or in any way which breaches the law. We reserve the right to monitor your energy usage for substantial increases in energy usage from the profile you supply us. By agreeing to this Plan, you consent to us collecting information, about your energy usage for these purposes, in a manner consistent with our Privacy Policy. You also agree that we may request a copy of a bill(s) or undertake a meter read to validate your usage. You should notify us of events which may change the energy needs of your household (for example, significant home renovations, the installation of a pool, home solar equipment or electric vehicle charging station) or any other change that will affect your eligibility for the Plan. Where we see a significant change in your energy usage or determine your usage is not for reasonable personal use, we may contact you to change your plan, review the price of your plan or review your eligibility for the plan.

1. Offer only available to eligible residential customers who opt in to Direct Debit, eBilling and eCorrespondence. We reserve our right to end the trial early.

2. Rollover amounts are not redeemable for cash or credit. Fair use policy applies.

3. Easy Plans don't have exit fees but if you leave for another retailer (other than EnergyAustralia) during a monthly billing period, you won't get a refund for what you've already paid (or due to be paid).