More reasons to love Saturdays.

Free electricity on Saturdays for a year
You won’t pay for electricity usage or supply charges from midnight Friday until midnight Saturday during the 12 month benefit period. You could also save more by shifting more of your electricity use to Saturday. Fair Use Policy applies.
Track your usage & savings
You can track your electricity usage anytime and anywhere through the On App or MyEnergy portal. We’ll also send you a message every week to let you know how much you saved as a Free Saturday customer.
Peace of mind
Competitive usage and supply charges that won't increase for 12 months and there are no confusing discounts. Just the same benefit, every week.2
Easy account management
Monthly bills, direct debit, access to the On App and get your bills and correspondence by email. Plus, Free Saturdays has no lock in contract so you’re free to leave if the plan doesn’t work for you.

Check if the Free Saturdays plan is available at your address and view your rates.

A Basic Plan Information Document (BPID), which contains the key details of this plan, can be found here.

Am I eligible for the Free Saturdays trial?

NSW Only
This trial is currently available to eligible residential customers in NSW.
Smart Meter
You need a remotely read smart meter for this plan. If you don't have one, click here to register your interest and we’ll email you if the plan becomes available.
Plan Conditions
You need to pay by direct debit and receive your bills and correspondence by email with this plan.
Depend on Life Support?
This plan isn't available to you at the moment (but we do have other plans available to you at EnergyAustralia).
Concession Card and Government rebates
This plan can’t support concessions or other government rebates* required by a government to be administered by an energy retailer (but you can get this assistance on an EnergyAustralia plan).
Solar Customers?
This plan isn't available to you at the moment (but we do have other plans available to you at EnergyAustralia).
On by EnergyAustralia is EnergyAustralia's Test & Learn platform, used to trial different types of products. This platform can't support all customers and some eligibility criteria are necessary for the protection of certain customers, such as customers that fall into payment difficulties or financial hardship, customers who are concession card holders or claiming some government energy rebates, and customers that depend on life support equipment. To ensure the necessary support and assistance will be provided, it will be necessary for customers who become ineligible to transfer to an appropriate EnergyAustralia plan.
* The NSW Government offers rebates to help customers with the cost of electricity. For more information and to check if you’re eligible, visit
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Fair Use:

This Plan is subject to an Acceptable Usage Policy. This service is for personal use only and must not be used for any commercial purpose, or in any way which breaches the law. We reserve the right to monitor your energy usage. By agreeing to this Plan, you consent to us collecting information, about your energy usage for these purposes, in a manner consistent with EnergyAustralia’s Privacy Policy. Where we see a significant change in your energy use or determine your usage is not for reasonable personal use, we may contact you to review your eligibility for the plan.


1. Offer only available to eligible residential customers who opt in to Direct Debit, eBilling and eCorrespondence. We reserve our right to end the trial early.

2. The usage and supply charges you pay us won't increase during the 12-month fixed rate period, but other fees and charges may vary.