Note: This trial has now closed for new applications

What is Solar Plus Plan?

Solar can be complicated and expensive

There can be a lot of confusion, research and planning involved in selecting the best solar system and battery for your home, plus the upfront cost – but don’t worry, we’ve now made it easy.

We’ve made solar simple and affordable

We’ll do the hard work and take care of system selection, installation and maintenance. With our Solar Plus Plan, you’ll pay nothing upfront, that’s $0, and we’ll install solar and Tesla Powerwall at your home on a 7 year plan. You’ll pay a low rate for the electricity you use which won’t increase throughout the plan.1,2 This trial is now open for eligible residential customers in NSW.3

How does it work?

$0 upfront for system and installation
On by EnergyAustralia selects and installs a high-quality energy system that’s right for your home, with Tier 1 solar panels, an inverter and Tesla Powerwall.
Use electricity like you do today
We use smart software to manage your power supply automatically, delivering you electricity from the grid, solar and battery.
You are billed for usage, like you are today
Pay a low rate for the electricity you use, regardless of its source, which won’t increase for the 7 year term.1
Yours to own after 7 years
You own the solar and battery system outright at the end of the 7 year plan, and we’ll transfer the remaining warranties to you.2

Why choose Solar Plus Plan?

Quality solar for $0 upfront
On by EnergyAustralia installs a high performing solar system and Tesla Powerwall for no upfront cost on a 7 year plan.
Peace of mind
Solar Plus Plan gives you a low electricity rate which won’t increase for the 7 years term, making this perfect for household budgeting. Plus, you'll never have to worry if the system's not working, On by EnergyAustralia is responsible for its upkeep.
Simple setup and use
With Solar Plus Plan, you don’t have to worry about understanding inverters, complicated tariffs or battery sizes. We manage the system design and installation.
Help the environment
Be part of the transition to renewables. By having a solar and battery system installed, you will be reducing grid electricity use and starting to power your home with cleaner, greener energy.

Product Eligibility

Solar Plus Plan has the following eligibility requirements:

  • Own and have lived in your home for at least 6 months
  • Household’s average daily usage is 10kWh or more4
  • Don’t have solar or a battery already installed
  • Live in an eligible postcode in NSW
  • No one at your home is dependent on life support equipment
  • Not a concession cardholder

In addition to the above, your property also needs to be suitable for installation of the system which means you must meet all the necessary desktop and site assessment checks. You’ll also need to pass a credit check and title check.

Solar Plus Plan details

Plan information:

Electricity usage rate: 26.5 cents per kWh (incl. GST)1

For an average residential customer in the Ausgrid area using 3,900kWh per year on a flat tariff, this plan is 8% less than the reference price, at an estimated cost of $1,342 p.a. However, to be eligible for this plan your annual usage must be at least 7,500kWh so your estimated yearly cost will be higher than the average customer.5

Supply charge: $0.847 per day (incl. GST)1

Fixed rate period: The electricity usage rate above won’t increase during the 7 year term

System Installed: Tier 1, 5.6 kW solar PV system and 13.5 kWh Tesla Powerwall valued at $15,350 (incl. GST)4 installed by Clean Energy Council accredited installers

Conditions: You must sign up to direct debit and agree to get your bills and correspondence by email

A basic plan information document (BPID) is available on request, contact us here. A BPID is an information sheet containing the key details of this plan.

You will also get:
  • Fully maintained and managed system over 7 years
  • Weekly insights into your energy usage
  • Access to the Solar Plus Plan portal to keep track of your plan
  • Monthly billing
  • Leave when you want

    You can leave Solar Plus Plan at any time by making a one-off payment. The amount depends on when you leave, but you’ll own the system afterwards.4,5 View details here

What will be installed?

Q CELLS solar panels

A 5.6kW solar system with Tier 1 solar panels which transform incoming sunlight into electricity.

Goodwe solar inverter

Its role is to convert electricity from your solar panels ready for use in your home or to be stored in the battery.

Tesla Powerwall battery

The 13.5kWh battery works by storing energy produced by your solar panels or from the grid to be used later.

  • Products have been chosen to ensure durability and longevity.
  • A compatible digital electricity meter will also be installed.
  • Hardware specifications are subject to change without notice. Any hardware changes will be substituted with products of equal or better specifications and quality. View hardware specifications.

Thanks for considering Solar Plus Plan.

This trial is now closed for new applications.

Please complete your details here and we’ll be in contact if the trial expands in the future or when new plans become available.

If you have already applied to join Solar Plus Plan, your application will continue and one of our consultants will be in touch with you soon.

Our privacy policy and credit information statement explain how we use and disclose you personal and credit information, your rights to access your information and the credit reporting bodies that we exchange information with.

Help build the powerplant of the future

The Solar Plus Plan is also helping create the renewable grid of the future. The system installed at your home will join a network of other batteries working together to form a Virtual Power Plant, known as a ‘VPP’.

By being part of a VPP, you’ll be helping to enhance grid reliability during peak periods, like in a heatwave when the network may be under stress. During these peak periods, we may use the battery to supply additional energy into the grid, helping the network to respond to the high demand. But don’t worry, when this happens, it won’t impact your electricity bill, and there won’t be any disruption to your home’s energy supply or day-to-day activities.

The VPP also helps On by EnergyAustralia to make the most out of energy the system at your home generates and stores, which enables us to offer Solar Plus Plan customers a low rate and the solar and battery system installed for $0 upfront.

In the long term, we hope that through solutions like VPPs, we’ll be able to provide more reliable renewable energy to the grid and reduce fossil fuel use.

This Activity received funding from ARENA as part of ARENA’s Advancing Renewables Programme – Demand Response and from the NSW Government.

1. Under Solar Plus Plan, customers are charged a blended usage rate per kWh for the electricity consumed at their home, including electricity from the grid or electricity generated by and drawn from the solar or battery system, but excluding controlled load usage where applicable. This blended usage rate will not increase from the date of first supply until 7 years from the date the solar and battery system is installed at your premises. A daily supply charge also applies. Controlled load is charged at a lower off-peak rate. The daily supply charge and controlled load rates may vary however we will notify you of this before it happens. Customers do not receive feed in tariffs.

2. The system is installed at no upfront cost to the customer on a 7 year plan (with the 7 years commencing from the date the system is installed at the customer’s property).

3. Offer only available to eligible residential customers who opt into Direct Debit, eBilling and eCorrespondence. We reserve our right to end the trial without notice.

4. If you have a controlled load at your property, you household’s average daily usage must be 12kWh or more to be eligible for Solar Plus Plan.

5. Comparison to the reference price is indicative only and required by regulation. Find out more about the reference price here.

6. System cost is net of Small-Scale Technology Certificate (STCs). Hardware specifications are subject to change without notice. Any hardware changes will be substituted with products of equal or better specifications and quality.

7. A system exit fee is payable if the customer leaves the plan before the end of the 7 year term (including selling or moving home, switching plans or defaulting on payments). The applicable system exit fee is calculated in accordance with the plan terms and conditions and is dependent on when the customer leaves the plan. You will be able to access an online portal that will provide you with up to date details of the applicable amount.